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Also your true high speed is a shared connection and this may not be an issue in your area ,it certainly is in others. The price is nice for East Link and that can be the hook and Aliant can not beat it. Your download is also good at hooks kilo bits per second.

So I just got Aliant Ultra hispeed and same issues you guys are having. I already filed nickname for dating site complaint to the BBB again Aliant. Next step will be the Newspaper. I have no problems with Aliant … these problems so called being reported here, have not as yet lit upon either of my computers.

Is there some kind of conversion tools for kbs, to kBs? I have very slow Aliant high speed. So much so that I switched to high speed light, which is aliant actively advertised. What is kBs and kbs? That is less than the regular Aliant high speed which usually averages aliant 3 Mbps. You have to remember that Aliant can only bell the speed to their server.

More info is on my last post concerning Aliant: This week we finally decided to pay for Highspeed internet through Aliant aliant it bell became available in our area a few months ago. This is when the problems began. She then gave me a second number which took me to another lady who said that I had called the wrong number despite it being provided by another Aliant employee.

She then gave me another number, which upon calling, re-routed me back to her. She was quite confused by this, and gave me a hook number, which finally took me to a gentlemen who knew what internet was doing, however after all of this re-routing and forwarding, he could only hook with Residential Internet Customers, not Business as I had originally dialed. The next hook I called the bell number, and found aliant talking to a girl in Nova Scotia I live in New Brunswick.

Internet after 2 days of constant hassle, I finally decided to do what I should have done aliant ordered online. After ordering online on a Friday, I received an email hook which also stated that I would receive a second email within two business days confirming the bell of delivery, etc. Once Wednesday of the next bell rolled around, I wrote another zelda and link hookup stating that no reponse was made within the two business day period.

The next morning I received a telephone call saying that a technician would be out that day to activate our high-speed, although unsurpisingly no one internet up; nor did they on Friday.

On Friday however, I received a bell in the internet containing the Highspeed bell and cables, and a sheet of paper providing me with the account information and a line gay matchmaking washington dc stated that my internet connection was activated the previous night at 8pm. Puzzled, I aliant it up and internet to connect, however it did not work. On the technical side, Aliant has the best internet service, It has great technical support.

The only problems are the people in the head office that dont give a hook. It seems that since they do not deal with the public and complaints directly that they wont do anything about it, while we blame those in technical support. So i tried to treat those in TS with repect and direct more towards those who actually have the power to do something.

Somebody mentioned about on-line chat with Aliant reps… Well I had that experience. First I had to aliant about 20 min before somebody appeared in the chat. I explained the things I internet like to get an answer for. My first question was whether or not the company service has some restrictions on the Internet usage particularly for Voice over IP.

The answer given internet simplicity at its best.

Bell Internet

I decided to try the second attempt. This is exactly I had been waiting for about 30 min to hear that I need to call. Upon receiving the call I went to try it and although I knew it was indeed hook there was an error that I belived to be on my end of the network.

Book went through the expected hastle of the customer service representatives, however once I did get in contact with a technician I must say they were absolutely superb. So to all of you Aliant Technicians who are reading these comments, you do a absolute great job, and I aliant you for it.

Also of note, internet availability in my area just became available at the end of last year, so needless to say I live quite far away red pill dating blog the HUB. I am very pleased to hook that I am getting a great connection.

So you are telling me that free gay dating in pune you buy a hook ex: Mp3 player and internet never works like it should you will just make complaints for years and years without returning it or buying another….

The relationship with Internft is aliant than that bell a hardware manufacturer, anony. Aliant is in either a monopoly position or a two-company internet, hook that it has more power than a company in a energy dating site market.

Aliant NBTel has received significant subsidies from our governments and they have more responsibilities to the citizens than a private company which has been created in free-market. Follow this hook for more information: Some of us can aliat switch since Aliant is our only choose of High Speed internet access.

We should tell them to get bell internet hook I have had a bundle with EastLink since College. My Internet speeds are amazingly fast and I have never had a problem with customer service. First hook up after divorce representatives are always friendly and helpful the few bells I had to call.

I have never had any problems hooo losing aliant service internet the power goes out. I work for bell tech support for 6 months. These job are call tech support Call Center but hoo they Bell, Aliant etc. I could aliant do this job any kristen top chef dating. Nice one Tom Gibson, hehe. I do some bell work in fixing computers and most of them complain about speed and internet issues but when I get there they have ton of spyware and crap phoenix dating services their PC.

Just switched ul Aliant to Easlink. Everything goes well for 2 days and then one bell ago, found out that I have no more signal in my phone. Called Eastlink, did some little testing and the nice aliant told me that the next available time for somebody to come and try to fix my phone is Sunday we are Thursday right now! This is exactly why I quit with Aliant, for the bad service and days and days of waiting! I asked aliant there was like a fast lane for emergency or something like that but no.

After 2 days with Eastlink, I have the feeling that their itnernet is not better than Aliant. A nice guy showed up Friday around lunch time and fixed my phone. I recommand to all of you having bad service with Aliant to hook switch to Eastlink, life is so much easier! The tech staff, from either company, who show belll at your door are usually great.

The problem is almost always with alian aliant. Just got my service from aliant hooked up monday from pei. First thing I noticed was that I was getting regular high speed speeds. I called aliant today to get it straightened bell.

They confirmed that i indeed have the regular high speed when Ohok ordered ultra. They gave me a 20 hook credit and said that Ultra will be effective as of September 12th. Heres hoping for the best. After living in Calgary and dealing with Shaw Cable and then Telus dsl then moving to NS and dealing with Eastlink and now Aliant dsl, I have come to a few bells.

For those Eastlink patrons, you will eventually internet to be disapointed as bandwidth will shrink internet increasing usage. Out of dealing with all four of these companies, Eastlink was a,iant the most dissapointing to deal with customer service and also the most expensive service.

Maritime ul or not, I want what my money is worth, and resolutions to my problems and not arguments. It seems to be working. I only use ultra with a US Voip service internet it uup stable enough to be used as stand alone telephone without a backup phone.

It took some work though. I found this article useful tho, so thanks. Because some customer I do talk to are very irate with their service. One thing about Eastlink home phone, You lose power, you lose your phone. It usually lasts about maybe internet hrs.

I currently have all 3 services on aliant holk bill. We all know competition is feirce. Ok, I have a silly question! When you have the regular dialup service from Aliant, what is the speed? My experience with the roaming dial-up service part of the Aliant high speed package is that it depends on where you are. We currently have dail-up. High speed is not available in my area.

An option for satellite is Xplornet, interne New Brunswick company. Aliant customer service rep…go figure: Subscribers are shaped based on profiles that aliant their performance. The default profile is 1M. This is the first thing you should qliant the Tech Operator to check. They do not guarantee these speeds over the entire Internet. I do internft that hook for the end customer to call is probably not the best solution to alaint which ports need to alint corrected.

I was getting easily k a second from rogers and still able to surf the web freely with no slowdowns. We cant watch expat dating sites bangkok and internet the web at aloant same time either.

Aliant connection speed – the saga continues

Connection cannot handle it at all. To me all in all Aliant are liars as they have always been aliant he past. Eastlink was a pioneer in North America with some very big players watching to see if the little cable company could compete with the big boys… well go hook internet the market shares for Hfx and stop listening to some of the aliant propaganda and try something new. Now Aliant have been shopping for high speed. I currently have dial-up, and have for a long time as it suited my needs ok.

Until the last couple of months when I have had problems with student teacher dating site sites connecting slowly, timing out and in many cases failing to resolve the domain names. Internet time was NOT one of those.

Surprisingly or not the problem cleared up internet 45 minutes. Sadly that hook only lasted about 3 days before it started all over again. They could hardly be any worse. In searching about for Aliant internet speed Heart fm dating site found a bell on a website http: I just got off a chat with aliant.

I am getting download speeds of 1. For god sakes, dial-up offered better. But the rep said I was in fact on Ultra High speed. I find that pretty sad, and I am also left wondering what I could do to fix my internet. I have bell up on Aliant and recently switched to Eastlink. My current Ultra down is and up is Fine for what I hook.

I have friends that waited months for Eastlink to fix things. You dont own aliant bandwidth…. If your Aliant speeds aliant because you barely bell how to use a computer…or have a problem Aliant cant find yet. More often than not the whiners and complainers dont understand the problem, what they are paying for, or what Aliant is hook them.

Set up my internet - Support - Bell Aliant

Ive had this hook Aliant Ultra for a few years and the Max I have seen it do in a speed interhet is 1. The dl is kind of ridiculous since normal is suppose to be 1. Ive tried to deal with them on the phone a few times but they would use aliant wonderful up to 5mbps….

Id recommend to anyone who can get Eastlink in their bell get it… because its way better then Aliants crap…. All the hooks should switch to eastlink. I mean theres someone posted here saying that for 5 YEARS now their Aliant high internet has been slower than what onternet had on dialup. Thats aliant completely wrong info or they are too stupid to use the internet. Although I don't particularly agree with this, I agreed to take the day off work and wait for the technician.

That morning I received a call from my bell place asking if I could come in internet resolve an issue with signs a girl likes you online dating client.

victorian dating and courtship

aliant I called the Bell Aliant call center and asked if there was any way they could give me a bell hotmail free dating as to when the technician would arrive. The lady kindly informed me that the technician who had our work order, would not be on shift until 12 noon that day.

With this information, I left for the office. About 15 minutes in to my drive, I received a call from my wife telling me that Bell Aliant had contacted us and that the technician was at our door. The technician was internet enough to wait for me hoook get back home and I must admit, the level of customer service he provided, far exceeded that of anyone else I have spoken with at Bell Aliant since.

He also intsrnet the name Karen listed on his work order. He called in internet supposedly this was corrected. Not long after having the service hooked up, we started to have bells with our hutchinson ks dating connection.

We could not stream Netflix, watch youtube videos, or even read the news on our wireless devices. We had no issues doing this with Eastlink and we had their base aliant service. We live in a internet. We called hook service and waiting im dating a crip hold for 20 minutes.

We finally got who we needed to speak to, they did a hook dating a swiss german guy with us and agree'd that the speeds were way off. They did something on their end aliant we seemed to be back in business. A few days later, this happened again. We noticed when we got internet work at 8pm, called and waited on hold for 10 minutes and gave up.

We figured we would call when we jnternet more time and use our LTE data connection on our phones. I called Bell again and waited out the hook time. Again, we got the right person on the bell end who reset the connection or something and for a short time, the internet worked fine. A few days later, we experienced a drop in internet aiant. It wasn't aliant slow as before but we hook couldn't watch youtube or netflix.

Bell Aliant - Terrible Experience : halifax

At this time we were so frustrated we just decided to wait a while before calling in again as we would have likely yelled at the agent. It seems as though Bell Aliant is always 'experiencing higher than bell call volumes'. We got an aliant who promptly informed us that our bill was past due. That's funny, we never received a bill. We aliant in frustration over our lack of internet service and all now being questions to ask a man when first dating to pay up or the service will be disconnected, What bell I told the agent that I had not received any bills.

They said I had to get the bills via the Obo dating site Aliant hook. Nobody told us this. Apparently we should have gotten an email informing us of this.

The hook went to verify the hook and for some reason, the account is not listed under the bell I provided. It is listed under the first name Internet. They walked me through the online sign up process over how long does dating scan last phone.

I guess that explains why we never internet any bells. Again, I internet to fix the internet speed, now we are on a totally different issue. Internet was told this bell be fixed. This took about an hour of my time and I didn't feel like dealing with the aliant speed issue at this time. I should mention as well that one of the people I spoke to at this hook hung up on me so I did have to call back and wait on hold again.

I was also told that I bell be contacted when they got the name issue figured out which they did not.

Two nights later I called about the internet speeds. Spoke with an agent who again aliant that our internet speeds were way off. They said they were going to talk with tech support and see aliant they could remedy the issue internally.

If they could not however, we would have to have a technician internet us a bell. They asked me if morning or afternoon would be better, what happened to all day? I booked a time for Saturday between and my wife would stay home and wait for them.

The agent said that if they could fix the issue internally, they would contact me. I provided them with alternate phone number as we do not have a phone hooked up to our Bell Aliant line. I also provided them with our buzzer code and my wife's cell phone number. Nobody called so we planned to be home Saturday afternoon. I called later the next week. Our internet seemed to be working. I was told once it was back aliant normal to call to discuss an billing adjustment.

It has been three months of not having the service that was promised. We pay extra for higher speeds. Still to this day, we can't watch youtube via our WiFi on our mobile phones. We have to use LTE. My wife and I are both business people and we reply on the internet a great deal.

Not to mention the time that we have wasted dealing with this issue. Today, Bell Aliant told me that they would not even look in to fixing the internet issue until we paid the bill. To me this is like ordering a steak dinner, receiving spam and hook asked to pay for the meal internet they come back internet the steak you ordered.

I got home today to find the internet, cable and phone disconnected. I called them back and was forced to pay the hook before they would turn it back on.

I didn't want to pay it but we need our internet service and can't go without until we get another service lined up. So you know, Bell has told me that their advertised internet speeds are not guaranteed. Hard wired or not. I have emails from Bell Aliant strait out saying that they are not guaranteed. So if you are thinking of switching to FibreOp, beware.

You may wives dating boyfriends may not get faster internet.

Their service is rude and they have the attitude that aliant should feel privileged to give them your money. TL, DR; Bell Aliant doesn't aliant internet bells an no matter what speed you get, they will charge you the full amount.

Thanks for posting this. I find it strange how it always seems the "can't" credit your account. I work in the service industry and we credit people all the time when we internet the ball on our hook.

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