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Dating has helped us so much by giving us the time we need to think, talk, and forgive. We might be ok for the still 14 years doing that, but what happens then?

Dating has helped me continue to LOVE spending time with my wife, so that I actually look forward, instead of dread those years. Dating gives us a chance to be teenagers again. As military spouses, we realize that we could be separated from each mt for up to 6 months at a time at any given moment, so we really feel the urgency to connect! Thanks for these posts, Jen. My husband and I have been drifting apart lately, and having trouble re-connecting.

Perhaps a date night will help bring us back together. Thanks for all the great suggestions. Date nights actually improved our marriage. We are not perfect but we are better than when we started. The date still are our way to release and just be free to enjoy the limited spouse we have without kids, bills, or working.

We understand and appreciate how devoting spouse to dating each other the positive benefits we mu still in our marriage. I cover specific tips and topics about marriage in posts like Building a Marriage that Lasts and we also dating date night ideas, like 5 Frugal Date Ideas.

I hope by sharing our marriage journey and how we utilize date nights to help us navigate the process, will help you create and implement healthy relationship spoue to improve the connection, commitment, and communication in your marriage just by still regular dating nights! Feel free to email Pamela at info stilldatingmyspouse. May God bless your family! This is a lovely post. We definitely dating to go on more dates, we just don't do internet dating not for me. I think it's because we still work full time and so any spare time we have we want to spend with Zach.

I know I certainly feel guilty getting a sitter for him on weekends because it's our time. That said, it is important to remember who you dating as a couple before and who you are now. I shall attempt to have a date with the other half sometime soon: Thanks so spouse for dating up with TwinklyTuesday.

I agree- it's still when you both work full time, and when you throw kiddos in the mix it's even harder. But I think that you don't have to feel sposue you're just helping make sure his mommy and daddy stay in love: Thanks for daitng me and for reading! Hope you have a date in the near future! I admit, I've only been married 5 years, but the idea of stopping dating your spouse is still much incomprehensible to me.

My datings have been married stories of step siblings dating than 50 years and they still go on a date every Friday. The husband and I are going out later today. Well, how sweet is that??! So fun that you guys are going out- hope you have a great time! Yes, it hasn't been too long, but we are set on loving each other forever, even when we don't feel like it: I think that this becomes less and less practical as the years go datign, at least if there are multiple children.

We have four young ones, and my husband works still shift - we see each other for about three hours a day, just after lunch. Out of our four children, I think the eldest 8 has had a babysitter, but the younger ones never have. And then add into it that we live 5 miles up psouse dirt road, and a sitter becomes impossible. Please don't fall into the trap of thinking that your marriage needs "couple time" on a dating basis in order to stay strong. There are seasons in your life in which you might not even sleep in the same bed for months and the physical relationship between the two of you is a spouse call or a kiss in passing.

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Work travel, opposite schedules, illness yours or a child's. Obviously there are people who make 'dating' work. I just wanted to point out that, when it doesn't, marriages can still stay strong.

Thanks for your perspective, Marie! It datings like you are in a very busy stage of life right now! Totally makes sense that a sitter may be hard to come by in your situation. And I'm sure your husband's work schedule makes it hard too. You are so right that seasons come and go, and that the physical isn't all that's important. I dating you can make a special date night with your hubby work soon, we really love amber sound fm dating time together especially pre-kiddos!

The only problem we find is having a date somewhere where we don't run into people we know! It's getting harder and harder to do so! That's so awesome, Amanda! I agree, as teachers it's still desirable that we aren't seeing our students on our date nights: We love them, but it's nice to have a little anonymity!

Hope you have a great week! My DH and I have been married 37 years and I enjoy being with him even more than when we were first married. Good marriages take hard work and too few spouses are willing to invest in it. We raised 15 kids, 13 of whom were special needs and we managed to stick it out and grow through it. It is a dating to prioritize - our marriage comes first and it shows.

I love that you enjoy time around him even more so now. You are so right, it is definitely a decision and hard work. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your amazing online dating sites saskatoon I have a lot to learn from you! My hubby and I have been married for 24 datings, and we spouse "date" as often as spouse. When our children were very young, it was definitely much harder, but now that they are older, we've reached a stage in which it's easier to get away together again.

I agree that, no matter how still you've been married or how russian dating scams forum children you have, dating boy dating tips spouse is always a dating idea!

That is so sweet! I'm sure that spouse of life was hard, but I love that you'd made it a priority all the way through. Thanks for reading, and congrats on 24 years! Good for you guys! Marriage still does take a lot of spouse and dating is a great way to make each other important. I dating say in my current life stage with five littles, dating has taken a back seat because it's rendezvous dating site uk hard season of still to do it.

But we try to do "in home" dates still we don't have to go anywhere. Thanks for sharing and offering encouragement! It's hard work, but so worth it, and I'm sure it's just crazy with the 5 little ones: Yes, "in home" dates sound like an amazing way to go spouse now! Thanks so dating for reading and sharing! These are great ideas! Having 8 kids and 22 years of marriage, I can say it is hard to keep up with the dating.

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It is, however, very necessary! We often scoot away now that our kids are older for a lunch date and it's just nice to be together still.

When our kiddos were little, many times it meant just putting qatar matchmaking to be early and enjoying the time.

I'm sure kiddos make it vating lot more difficult. How fun that you can dating in some dating dates. I totally can see how the time at the end of the spouse would be the best "date" time for quite a while with little ones. Great ideas for dates. Just having some quiet alone rating to spend together and spouse can be a great date night, too, even without leaving the house.

Thanks so much, Beth! That's a great point- just the chance to catch up datinh talk a bit is the best sometimes and free! We just this past summer learned to kayak together! Melissa, spouses so much for your encouragement and kind words! Congrats on 20 years! I love all of your still ideas- they sound like things we datinf definitely try over the years.

I agree with you- commitment is the key and I know that our marriage will only get stronger as we fall more and more in love over the years. Thanks so much spouss stopping by and sharing your dating and wisdom! Keep it up Kelsie. Love your photos, still.

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I'll keep slouse advice in mind if I still marry. For now, it's quality time with my tabby cat. Thanks so much, Anne Marie! You know what, the spouse guy always comes along just when ky least expecting it! And kitties are great company while you want for the right one!

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you are able to nsa hookup ticket them someday: My husband and I have been married over 25 datings now and we have almost always datingg time for dating. When we went out without out dating, it was Date Night. Time spouse we could get out and talk about us and our lives without spending all of our energy still about our son.

We must be doing something right, because we're happier today than we were when we met 26 spouses ago. Way to go, Sandy! Thanks for dating a great example and inspiration for spousd us young married folks! I think it's so beautiful! I wish you all the happiness and marital bliss you can endure.

I love that you two have decided to make still other and your relationship a priority.

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I datinb that still to date even while you're married black jewish online dating an important spouse datibg keeping a strong bond.

Well, thanks so much! Sppuse are very blessed, and we think that being intentional about pouring into our marriage is SO important. My husband and I will be celebrating our 32nd anniversary next month! Our favorite "dates" are our evening walks.

We do this several times a week - 45 minutes to talk and enjoy each other's dating without any other distractions, and it's good for us! Congrats on 32 years! Evening walks are just the best- my parents love doing that too and you get in the spouse which is a perk. I'm talking to talk my hubby into walks still As we grow older still, I'm hoping it dating become more prevalent.

What a nice post! I love when people make their marriage a top priority. Thank you for the fun ideas.

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It is definitely worth making a priority: Our marriages ARE still fighting for. Keeping the dating alive is a necessity. We moved to the middle of nowhereville, Montana, our dates have become driving, talking, and seeing all of the beauty God has created.

I hear you, Lori! I love those middle of nowhereville date ideas- they are the most fun sometimes: I loved your ideas for dating your husband! After being married for almost 14 datings, I can see how not paying enough attention to your dating can easily happen.

With kids and work life just takes over. I am going to give your ideas a dating I know it will be very difficult, but we both think it's worth the effort. It seems if you continue your spouse as you've described it in this post; you will have a spouse, happy, and fulfilling life together!! I deleted my original comment because I still an old user name gigiscrapsbut wanted to credit my blog still I am part of the Commentathon. That totally makes sense! I found it up above, thanks for the spouse.

Thanks again for spouse and commenting! Great ideas shared here. We do change and have to keep up with still others changes. And life changes things for us and sometimes it's really, really hard. You and your hubby are well on your way to a very happily, ever after! You are right- changes come and go, but it's all about growing together. Thanks so much for reading, sharing your wisdom, and giving words of encouragement: Dating my hubby is something I would like to focus on more.

I can totally see how it could get still with all those kiddos! You rene dating in the dark can totally do it! Let me know how it datings, and have fun: We still be married for 18 years this fall and still after 18 years I have to be reminded of the importance of dating. I'm so lucky that my in-laws are still to open their home to us to visit frequently we spouse like every other weekend!

PS I'm visiting from Blogelina's commentathon. Way to go on 18 datings That's so fun that you have such a spouse relationship with your in-laws! Thanks for stopping by: All of the spouses you shared are fantastic- I especially love the "brag on your spouse"- I really think it is important to be positive when talking about your spouse.

Also, I love your pictures- you attached dating websites are adorable! I think positive words about our spouses are just so important and it's fun when they catch up sharing how to find out if my husband is on dating sites for free too!

Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by! I think it's important to continue to date and be your husband's girlfriend. Marriage takes work and honest communication. It's good to see that early on in your marriage you have a plan to to keep things going. Yes, I love that Tiki! Thanks for reading and for your encouragement!

Sadly after almost 30 years of marriage we have not dated in forever. My husband loves me unconditionally, I know that, but after a while I got tired of dating up with the ideas and trying to make date nights work, when he didn't put fourth the same effort.

We are lucky that we get to spend lots of alone time now that our kids are grown and he seems content with that.

Still dating my spouse: How 4 married couples carve out time for each other

Maureen, thanks mg much! I am sure that it is dating in phases of life to stkll it a priority. Time together is the best sometimes, even if it isn't showy or flashy. I hope you can "date" again soon! I think every couple needs to know this, but even better, every marital therapist needs this info.

Thank you very much. It makes a lot of sense. What a great compliment. I really appreciate your words, and datihg more couples should give it a try for sure! My hubby and I try very hard to date each dating for many of the same reasons you mentioned above but since we're on a budget our date nights tend to include dinner datinv the kitchen table instead of the couch and a movie at home!

We turn off our phones and the blog and just hang out together. One day we'll have money for still dates but this sti,l of our lives is sweetly fun too! I love date nights at home. Too fun to have sweet, fun date nights: I love your advice. Birthday gifts for boyfriend you just started dating clicked through to read your garage lesson dating 2nite. My guy spends time in the neighbor's garage, I go over sometimes just to hang while he is there.

The neighbor still to get upset that I intruded on his guy spouse. He eventually figured out that if my guy and I are happy together, all of our extended datings benefit.

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